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New Car Smell single pack

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New Car Smell single pack

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Make Your Car Smell New With Original Factory Scentâ„¢

Original Factory Scentâ„¢ is a widely used odor counteractant that helps bring back that new car smell that all new vehicles possess. Car owners are using this new car smell product to remove the smell of smoke, sweat, food, and other odors from their vehicles.

How Does It Work?

To bring back that new car smell, simply cut the corner of the package and place the product underneath your seat. Original Factory Scentâ„¢ lasts for a couple months, just like a new car. Questions? Feel free to Contact Us.


Keep out of reach of children and keep away from an open flame. Contents: Odor counteractant, fragrance, inert absorbent membrane. Do not remove from package. Product can cause skin irritation and stain. Do not place on varnished, painted or plastic surfaces.