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About Original Condition™

Original condition ™ is a sole proprietorship owned by Paul and Rita Morrow. The business was established in 2007 to serve the automotive industry by adding profitability to existing operations, (i.e., dealerships, auctions, and detailing services) and solving inherent vehicle condition problems related to cleanliness. The products and services are based upon Paul’s 25 years of combined experience in automotive sales/management and certified professional cleaning expertise. Joe Morrow, Paul & Rita’s son, works on a full time basis for the company.

Paul entered automotive sales in 1984. Successful sales led to an opportunity in sales management in 1989. During this time he trained over one hundred sales personnel and earned multiple “Professional Sales Manager Awards” from Ford Motor Company, and an award granted to only the top 3% of sales managers nation-wide.

With Paul’s experience, he was able to recreate the original factory scent that all new cars possess. Dealerships, Auto Auctions, Detailing Services, and the general public all value the unique qualities of Original Factory Scent™.

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